About Me

Behind the name Musical Mix is a man filled with an entrepreneurial spirit that drives him to put out mix CD’s regularly. Born in Trinidad & Tobago and migrated to the United States in the 90’s, Marlon brought his unique skills and expertise with him. His passion for music was the force behind his desire to be a part of the “turn table era.” He placed his first touch on a pair of Technics turntables, a skill that many of today’s DJ’s have not acquired.

Marlon came to New York and joined one of Brooklyn’s number one DJ teams best known as “Foreign Bass”, while maintaining his presence in the Mixtape/CD scene. Soon after, he created a name for himself with his friend Emile called “Musical Mix”. He currently DJ’s, alongside MC Host/Soca Artiste Jason Benn (whom he met in the late 2000) his own show on one of New York’s hottest Caribbean radio stations. Known in the industry as “Musical Mix feat.

Jason Benn,” the self proclaimed “dynamic duo” appear together in parties and other functions all over the world, where Musical Mix CD’s can also be heard. Marlon’s overall success is based on his understanding that you must keep up with new technology in order to progress in this industry. From vinyl to CD to PC, he is always able to move with the times and stay current with today’s music.

Marlon specializes in all types of music for any and every event and is also talented at producing and remixing tracks. He is constantly in the studio and in the mix. He does not hesitate to give old school music the credit it deserves.

Marlon believes that “getting into the DJ industry is not an easy road; it’s important to learn your history and learn vinyl if you haven’t already.” For bookings, please contact Musical Mix at MusicalMix@hotmail.com.

You can also checkout his Mix CD catalog on his Instagram /Twitter @musicalmixx or Facebook page MusicalMix Marlon.